Voor verdere informatie over mijn werk, of een andere vraag aan mij, neem dan gerust contact met me op.
Natuurlijk mag je me ook bellen (kan niet altijd direct opnemen), appen, of via Instagram DM’en.

“Dynamic, energetic and powerful would best describe the work of the prolific Dutch artist Bas Bongers. His relentless approach to perfecting his craft and his passion for evolving his creative practice is both inspiring and humbling. It was an honour to feature Bas’ work in Curatorial Volume.1, Leaders in Contemporary art, and I look forward to paying close attention to the development of his artistic career”.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bas. His abstract art is very impactful and looks fantastic in our magazine”.


˜Julia Millen

Features Editor, Abode2

“Bas’ work pays homage to and then advances the exploration of abstract expressionism. While the Drip Action work is obviously inspired by Jackson Pollock, Bas has added his own touch (literally) to this style of painting by exploring negative space, and in some instances adding Asian Kanji Characters. Bas’ work is a continuation of the experimentation and exploration of action painting, and that is what art should be, a constant experiment and exploration.”