Making art accessible. A beautiful abstract painting should be affordable for everybody. All should be able to enjoy that, and not just in a museum. By taking as starting point the work of one of my heros, Pollock or Richter, and then giving it my own twist, i am able to come up with surprising results at affordable prices. Everybody should be able to buy my work and thus hoping to promote the abstract styles a bit more. They are worth it to be seen and to be shared.


To be honest, often I do not even know what it is I want to make. I start out with two or three colours of which i think will go well together. Prior to this I have given the background a (white) colour. If not, you will see the texture of the canvas at the unpainted sections at all times. When I do add a colour (still without a plan) along the way I will see if something is nice enough as a background. When you do not have a nice background, you will not get a nice foreground, too. I can chose to work with a palette knife or to “throw” the paint onto the canvas with a stick, spoon or brush. When at a given point i think that it will turn out into nothing, you can choose to smear out the layer with a palette knife and have the colours flow into each other. You can also have the paint dry and paint it all over. Both ways have brought surprising works.



Feeling is key when you do not know what exactly you want to make. When something is good enough, I will not touch that anymore. I let the paint dry, or I continue to work in a way that does not affect the just applied (still wet) paint. Different ways are possible to get to really nice effects. Often i do dilute the paint to make it better suited to throw with. Love it. Another beautiful effect is smearing the paint out with a palette knife. By doing so 1 colour gets the upperhand and pushes the other colour (partially) to the background. Applying too, can be done in many ways. The brush I use least. I do often use sticks, spoons, palette knife and spray bottles. I can really use anything.



Failures do not exist. When a work is ready, then that is how it is supposed to be. When I’m not completely satisfied, even though a lot of time has been put into it, I’ll start all over again. Sometimes I even start working on a work again that was long finished. I might think something has to be added or maybe I do not like it anymore at all and turn it into something totaly different. All my works which are shown on my site, i fully suport. For now that is.


Although I have based my style on several well-known styles, I DO have developed my own style over the years. Combining certain aspects makes something completely new, often with surprising results. However, I limit myself to nothing and will continue to develop and improve. I am therefore far from over-experimented.

My work is usually signed on the back. Why am I doing this? Because I leave the buyer free to hang the canvas as he thinks it should! I do not want to oblige anyone to hang the canvas in a way the signature said it should be hung. If you think it should hang like the other way, then that is how it should hang. A signature obliges to hang it in a certain way.

It is very satisfying when someone else likes your work. Fortunately, I already receive a lot of positive reactions from my environment but also from far beyond. This motivates me enormously and maybe it will even be possible one day to turn my hobby into my profession.